An Idealist’s Realisation

The following scenario appears typically sad on the surface but a lesson learnt saves it from that inevitability:

I like you. (well I mean how couldn’t I?)

You like me. (my ‘just one of the boys’ attitude pays off)

This has gone on unbeknownst to one another for a while. (ignorance always wins)

This mutual feeling becomes apparent to us. (there were hints)

Opportunity to share this mutual and wonderful feeling arises. (chemistry = off. the. charts.) 

You retreat. (someone else?)

I am disappointed. (BLINDSIDED)

Tough cookies I guess, I grumble for a while and then begin to move on.

I must accept the fact that to be an idealist means I’ll live a life of many minor disappointments, severely outweighed of course by a few major, near-impossible, rewarding successes.